December 23, 2022 2 min read

Just brought home Miko but not sure where to begin? We’ve compiled all our essential resources in one place to help you hit the ground running with your new robot friend.

Help Center

The Miko Help Center is our official information hub. Whether you want to know more about Miko’s apps or have a troubleshooting question, you’ll find the answer in our Help Center. 

If you need to contact our support team directly, you can live chat with us in the Parent App or submit a request for a callback in the Help Center.

Quick Start Videos

These “how to” videos help you navigate unboxing and setup, talking to Miko, buttons, hardware, charging, Mikonnect and other essential aspects of getting started with Miko 3.  

You can also check out these videos inArabic,French,German,Italian andSpanish

Startup Guide

Prefer reading over watching? Our Startup Guide handbook will help you with setup, understanding Miko’s key features and more.  

Ideas for Your First Day With Miko

Read this blog post for eight fun-filled activities that will help your child explore Miko on their first day together. 

Command Library

Ready to start talking with Miko? Visit our Command Library to view all the commands that your child can use with Miko. (Hint: Make sure to try some of the Easter eggs!)

What are Talents?

This blog post provides a quick primer on your robot’s many apps, which Miko calls Talents. You can also visit the Help Center fora full list of Miko’s Talents.

What is Miko Max?

Read this blog post for a quick overview on all things Miko Max. You can also visit theMiko Max page on our website for more on this premium content subscription! 

Freeze Dance Guide

Get a quick overview of the all-new Freeze Game that’s getting rave reviews from kids in the US, UK, EU, UAE and beyond. 

Parent App (iOS andAndroid)

This is your key to Miko’s parental controls, Max subscription, progress reports and more. Download the app on your phone during setup, and update it regularly so that you can experience all its latest features.

Holiday Content

Check out this list of Miko’s many holiday-themed activities, from Christmas and Hanukkah commands to holiday songs — and even a special Holiday Dance! 

Whether you brought Miko home for the holidays, a birthday or some other occasion (robot fever), we hope these resources will help your family make some gear-tastic memories. It’s time for some playful learning!