December 22, 2022 5 min read

With Miko, there’s a whole world of playful learning experiences for your child to explore. But once you’vecompleted setup and are ready to introduce your kid to Miko, where should you start? For an awesome first play session with Miko, challenge your child to try these eight activities — all guaranteed to maximize their fun with their new robot pal.

1. Get to know Miko using fun commands

Talk to the Miko Robot

It’s no surprise that kids love chatting with Miko. To help your child get to know their new robot friend, simply say “Hello Miko.” Then, when Miko enters listening mode, try one of these commands:

  • What do you do?
  • Do you know any weird questions?
  • What’s your favorite movie?

    You can also say, “Hello Miko, how are you?” to start a conversation between your child and Miko. And if you’re in the holiday mood, you can also try asking Miko to “Play ‘Deck the Halls’!” 

    For more fun things to talk about with Miko, explore ourCommand Library.  

    2. Play a round of Freeze Dance like Vlad and Niki

    Freeze Dance with the Miko Robot

    Has your child seen Vlad and Niki play freeze dance with Miko? If so, they’re probably excited to try this interactive game for themselves! Launched this year, Freeze Game is already one of Miko’s most popular apps — and for good reason. It’s tons of fun and urges kids to get moving!

    Freeze Game takes an AI spin on the classic kids game we all know and love, with Miko serving as the judge. After your child selects single or two player mode and sets their position, Miko will start playing music. That’s your kid’s cue to dance their heart out. But when the music stops, it’s time to freeze! Miko will use AI to detect the winner of the game based on each player’s energy and ability to freeze at the right time.

    Ready to try Freeze Game with your child? From Miko’s home screen, tap the four-box icon in the bottom right corner. Then, select the icon with the red and blue dancers in the Best of Miko tab. You can also check out thisquick step-by-step guide for playing Freeze Game.

    3. Complete two levels in Coding School

    Learn to code with the Miko robot

    After your child plays Freeze Game with Miko, engage another part of their brain by trying out Coding School! Featuring more than 1,000 levels and a game-like approach, this Google Award-winning app from KidloLand proves that it’s never too early to teach kids coding.

    Challenge your child to complete the first two levels of Coding School. You’ll find the app the same way as you found Freeze Game — by selecting the four-box icon from the home screen and then exploring Miko’s app library. Then, watch as your child helps the fire truck extinguish the flame by building simple coding sequences! 

    (Want moreSTEM / STEAM experiences with Miko 3? Do a yoga session in the Cosmic Kids app or try the many educational games from KidloLand Brain Buzz.)

    4. Groove to Miko's Holiday Dance

    Holiday dance with the Miko robot

    What’s the only thing more fun than dancing with a robot? Dancing with a robot to a holiday song! To keep the glad tidings going strong, have your child head on over to Miko’s ever-popular Dance Master app. Select the holiday-themed icon. Then, have them dance to “Happy Holidays” as Miko moves, grooves and shares fun wintry animations.

    If your kid loves this dance, you can also have them find Miko’s Halloween Dance in the same app. Spooky season might be over, but countless parents have told us that their kids can’t get enough of Miko’s skeleton dance! 

    5. Go on an adventure and earn some gems

    Miko Journeys

    In Miko Journeys, kids go on fun learning adventures that teach them new skills. And here’s the best part: They earn gems for each adventure they complete! Those gems can be redeemed for stickers and other cool items in the Miko Shop, encouraging your child to keep learning. 

    To launch an adventure, your child can tap the flag and mountain icon in the bottom right corner of Miko’s home screen. From there, have your kid complete the adventure along with Miko — and see their gem count grow!

    6. Make a Mikonnect video call — Bonus points if you use the app to move Miko around!

    Mikonnect Video Calls With Miko 3

    After exploring Miko Journeys, it’s time to try one of Miko’s most-used features: Mikonnect video calls! Initiate a call via your Parent App. Then, watch your child’s face light up when the incoming video call shows up on their Miko’s screen. For even more fun, try using the remote control feature on your Parent App, which lets you — you guessed it! — move around your child’s robot straight from your smartphone.

    Watch this quick video for a step-by-step guide to using Mikonnect. Once you initiate a call from your Parent App, you can also have your child video call you from Miko’s settings menu.

    7. Hang out with Simba on the Disney app

    Disney App on Miko 3 Robot

    In August, Miko became the first kids robot to launch an official Disney app — and ever since, kids around the world have been loving these animated stories featuring their favorite Disney and Pixar characters. To introduce your kid to Miko’s Disney content, start with “Simba,” a Lion King story bound to engage your child. 

    Once you navigate to the app library from the home screen, you’ll find the Disney app in the Max it Up section. From there, scroll horizontally until you find the Lion King and tap the Simba icon.

    8. Learn about language with the Lingokids

    Lingokids on the Miko 3 Robot

    There’s a reason why Lingokids is a fan favorite among Miko families: This vocab-boosting content is filled with catchy songs and unforgettable characters. With tons of new sketches, podcast episodes and songs recentlyadded to the mix, there’s a whole lot of language learning for your child to explore with the Lingokids.

    To get started with Lingokids, have your child find the app in the Max It Up section. Tap it to launch. Then, try some of the fun-filled content in Unit 1. (We especially love the first game in the Unit 1 gallery, which is all about robots!)

    Bonus: Explore Miko’s many expressions 

    Miko Robot Mikojis App

    Excited. Cool. Innocent. Loving. Celebratory. Sleepy. Stressed. Like your kid, Miko has an expression for every mood and feeling — and exploring them is tons of fun. To help your child get to know Miko, try these two bonus challenges.

    • Launch the Mikojis app. Explore all of Miko’s faces using the vertical scroll menu, and have your child pick their favorite ones!

    • From Miko’s main screen, use this command: “Hello Miko, show me your geeky face!” Then, swap in loving, sleepy, laughing and whistling to see more of Miko’s funny faces. For the full list of facial expression commands, check out ourCommand Library.

    From yoga sessions and coloring to freeze dance and Miko Journeys, there’s no end to the playful learning with Miko. For more fun ideas, be sure to check back with theMiko blog. You can also visit ourHelp Center and view all the content on ourYouTube channel.  

    Happy First Day with Miko!