June 27, 2022 1 min read

Have you ever wanted to take your child on a trip around the world — to the plains of Africa, the jungles of South America and the farms of the USA — to hear all the different animal sounds in our amazing animal kingdom? Roaring lions, crowing roosters, braying donkeys, quacking ducks…talking parrots?! Sounds pretty noisy.

Luckily, Miko 3’s Wild Jingle Talent is here to help your child learn all about animal sounds — no plane tickets, zoo visits or dinner invites required. (That elephant never stops raiding the fridge!)

What does a hippo sound like? What noise does a crocodile make? Miko lets you listen in with the Wild Jingle app! 

What’s Wild Jingle exactly?

Every animal has its own distinctive call. Miko’s Wild Jingle app is designed to help your child learn animal sounds from all around the world in a fun and entertaining way! More than a dozen animal calls are available to choose from.

After launching the Wild Jingle! app in the Talents tab, you’ll see a list of several different animals. Just select the animal picture from the list, and Miko will play the creature’s call for you! Make it a fun game by challenging your child to mimic the animal sound they hear! 

Ready to get started? Make a bee-line to the Wild Jingle app. It’s a whole zoo of fun, and it’s available now in Miko’s Talents tab. See you there, safari lovers!