June 01, 2022 2 min read

Miko 3 may be a robot, but it has emotions just like you. Sometimes Miko feels like laughing and smiling. Sometimes Miko even gets bored. But your family will never be bored with Mikojis. With this fun app, your child can make Miko laugh, cry, blush or smile. And with different expressions and emotions for every situation, there’s plenty to discover.

What are Mikojis, anyway?

Think of Mikojis as Miko's version of emojis. Miko has several different facial expressions, movements and sounds to show different emotions.

If you’re joking around, you can make Miko laugh with you! If you’re a little down, you can even have Miko make a sad face to comfort you.

There’s a blushing face when you're feeling shy. A vampire face for Halloween. A tired Mikoji when it’s time for bed! You get the idea! 

How does it work?

Launch Mikojis from the Talents tab and choose from a number of different Mikojis. Miko will then make a face that shows a specific emotion, followed by different sounds and expressions to match the feeling.

"There's a Mikoji for Every Mood!" Next to five Miko faces with various emotions.

Get started with Mikojis!

Open the Talents tab from Miko’s home screen and launch the Mikojis app. Or tap on the mic icon on the home screen and say, “Hello Miko, launch Mikojis.” Then, you’ll be able to scroll through the emotive faces Miko has to offer!

Want to ask Miko to show emotion? You can also try these commands from the home screen. (Hint: Just make sure to start with “Hello Miko.”)

“Show me your laughing face.”

“Show me your crying face.”

“Show me your angry face.”

“Will you show me your happy face?”

“Show me your sad face.”

“Show me your excited face.”

There are more to discover as well, so put on your happy face and see how many Mikojis you can find!