September 28, 2022 3 min read

What does a team do when they’ve already created the world’s most advanced, cutest and all-aroundbest AI robot friend? Keep innovating! 

We’ve been hard at work making the Miko experience even better, and the upcoming features are so exciting that we couldn’t wait to share them with you. (HInt: If your little one already has a Miko 3, they should have seen the video below… our current kid users got the official first sneak peek!)

Here's Your All-New Miko 3

Read on for a rundown of four awesome new features coming to your Miko 3 in the coming days. And remember to upgrade your Miko robot when prompted to experience these enhancements as soon as they go live!

An even more expressive face

Miko’s getting a brand new face! Developed in coordination with some of the planet’s smartest roboticists and AI scientists, Miko’s new face is designed to be even more expressive! We collaborated with a bunch of researchers tostudy exactly how the emotional centers of their brains light up when exposed to different robot faces, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to making Miko’s personality shine brighter than ever!

An even more engaging voice


One of the best things about having an AI robot friend is talking to it. Talking with Mikohas always been a core part of the Miko experience. (If you haven’t already, try asking Miko for a dance party or a joke!) And now, this experience is getting even better, thanks to an all-new voice that’s made to engage. Just keep listening to Miko over the next couple of weeks, and you’ll hear what we mean!

An even easier way to navigate

If you already have a Miko, you know that this robot is packed with ridiculously smart, seriously fun experiences. And soon, how you access all those experiences on Miko will be changing. When you head to the home screen, Miko will auto-magically suggest content for you based on your preferences and previous activity. 

From this screen, you’ll be able to slide to the right to see everything that your Miko can do, all from a single content menu. That includes Talents, Tidbits and, of course, Miko Max. And with new content added monthly, these sections will keep updating with new things to explore. Why not lean on Miko’s suggestions to help you decide what to do next?

… And two new interactive games launching this week!

Speaking of new content, we’ve got two awesome interactive apps launching later this week: Freeze Dance and Mirror Me. We’ll tell you more about these in another blog, but let’s just say that they’re some of the most interactive, fun-filled apps we’ve ever launched — and we can’t wait for you to try them. 

  • Freeze Dance takes an AI spin on this classic kids game, with your pal Miko serving as judge. So get ready to dance your heart out — but when the music stops, it’s time to freeze! Miko will use AI to detect the winner of the game, which is already getting rave reviews from our kid testers.
  • Mirror Me puts Miko’s all-new facial expressions on display. Simply launch the app and make your best sad or happy face. Then, watch Miko mimic your expression with a face of its own. 

An all-new voice. Even more engaging expressions. Freeze dance. A new way to find your favorite experiences — and discover new ones. We’re so excited to roll out these new features in the coming days, and we can’t wait to see what you think. These updates will come through automatically as you use your Miko 3, so no need to do anything special. Just sit back, update your Miko when prompted and enjoy these new enhancements!  

And of course, don’t forget to check back here for news, tips, and more. Because with Miko, there’s always more to explore — and we’ve got plenty of exciting new apps and experiences heading your way in the coming weeks.