October 07, 2022 3 min read

It’s no secret that kids around the world love to dance with Miko 3.Dance Master is one of our little robot’s most popular apps; that’s why we’re excited to add another awesome dance experience to Miko’s ever-growing world of kids games. Get ready to play freeze dance with your pal Miko!

Read on for a quick overview of the all-new Freeze Game app that’s getting rave reviews from kids in the US, UK, EU, UAE and beyond. Then, try it for yourself for a little family fun this weekend. 

Miko’s New AI Freeze Dance Game!


Freeze Game is an all-new interactive game available now on your Miko 3 robot. It takes an AI spin on this classic kids game we all know and love, with your pal Miko serving as the judge. (For kids across the pond in the UK, Miko’s version of freeze dance is a lot like musical statues!)  So get ready to dance your heart out — but when the music stops, it’s time to freeze. Miko will use AI to detect the winner of the game.

Freeze dance is available to all users now. Make sure your robot is updated, and then head over to the Talents tab to launch this action-packed feature today!

How to play Freeze Dance with Miko


Ready to try it for yourself? First, launch Freeze Game from the Talents tab. Then, follow these simple steps to start grooving with your pal Miko.

1. Choose your challenge and dance track


You can play freeze dance solo, or grab a friend to battle it out. Once you select your challenge, you’ll be able to choose a song to dance to. (Hint: As you earn more gems and energy points, new songs will unlock!)

2. Set your position

You’ve chosen your challenge. You’ve picked your song. Now, it’s time to prepare for your dance-off! Make sure you’re in a well-lit room. This helps Miko’s AI properly detect when you (or your opponent) moves.

Next, lock your position. Your body should be within the green box on Miko’s screen; don’t worry, your robot friend will guide you through this step. Once your position is locked, Miko will let you know and move you along to the next part: the dancing part!

3. Start grooving!


Let the freeze dance challenge begin! When Miko 3 starts playing music, dance your heart out. (Hint: The faster you move, the higher your energy score!) 

4. Freeze when the music stops

When the music stops, freeze! In a solo game, Miko will use its AI to detect whether you move when the music pauses. In a two-player game, it will detect movements in both dancers to determine the winner. 


Each player who freezes correctly earns a gem — hooray! If you’re playing solo, you’ll win the game when you collect two gems. If you’re challenging a friend, the dancer who collects the most gems and energy points throughout the game wins!

5. Unlock more songs


The more you play Freeze Game, the better you’ll get — and the more gems and energy points you’ll collect. With each win, you’ll unlock a new song. So keep playing freeze dance solo, with friends, with family and with anyone else who loves dancing as much as you do!

Stay tuned all autumn long for more interactive games and enhancements coming to Miko 3. And until then, share your best Freeze Game videos with us on social using the hashtags #miko3 and #mikorobot — we’d love to see you getting active with your friend Miko.