The Miko Story

In 2014, three seasoned technologists were exploring starting a venture together when they came across a surprising study. Nearly 60% of parents surveyed in India’s six metro areas were concerned about the effects of work-life balance and technology on their child’s development. The trio immediately began exploring ways to close this gap with the tool they knew best: artificial intelligence.

The three technologists leveraged their extensive experience in AI, robotics and IT. They explored the world of childhood development and education with specialists across the country. And together, they launched a startup propelled by a bold vision: using robotics to provide an accessible, all-around learning experience for children in India and around the globe.

From that bold vision, Miko was born.

Miko is an advanced consumer robotics innovation lab passionate about bringing the best of technology to young learners everywhere. The company’s flagship product, Miko 2, is the first robot that uses playful, conversational learning to educate, engage and entertain kids. After captivating countless children across Asia, the best-selling Miko 2 robot arrives in North America just in time for the 2019 holiday season.

Since launching in 2015, Miko has become a trusted name among parents, educators and technologists alike. The company’s growing team is home to leading robotics engineers, artificial intelligence and IoT innovators, psychologists, educators and content developers, all working together to explore the intersections of learning and technology. The company has a global mindset, 120 employees and offices in the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley and Mumbai.

Through every milestone, Miko is still driven by the same core vision: to cultivate a love for learning in children everywhere through artificial intelligence and human ingenuity.