January 10, 2022 2 min read

The Miko family began the New Year by hosting its first Family Webinar, to have one-on-one interaction with its users. We noticed that all the registered users could not join us, that’s why we have created highlights of the webinar that are categorised for your convenience. 

The upcoming features, frequently asked questions, user experience, feedbacks, and suggestions are covered here.

A Message from Miko’s CEO

Watch Sneh’s update on the Dec. 25 outage, including the steps we’ve taken to address the situation


Miko 3 Explainer Videos

The webinar included short videos to cover everyday functionality of Miko 3

Some important topics that were covered:

  • How to setup Miko 3?
  • How to initiate spontaneous and continuous conversations?
  • Explaining Talenthouse - Miko’s own App Store
  • A lot of requests for Hide and Seek - A demo of "I Seek You" App on Miko
  • Steps for Facial Recognition
  • Using apps like Coding school, dance master, da Vinci’s shows 
  • How to Mikonnect?

 The webinar then progressed to our CEO personally answering most asked questions about Miko 3. We have further clubbed them into four categories for your convenience. They can also be found on the FAQ page of our website

A. Engineering Questions 

In this section, our CEO addressed the basic & critical engineering questions ranging from powering off Miko 3 to charging specifications, what is an idle mode, etc.


B. Experience Questions

This section addresses queries based on the experience of the users, challenges faced  and their resolutions


C. Feature Requests

A lot of customers had some amazing feature requests; this section showcases our responses to each one of them

D. Content and MikoMax

Our CEO’s suggestions on Top 10 educational things Miko can be used for, and how to make the most out of Miko Max.