November 28, 2022 2 min read

Miko is officially a streaming star!

Streaming now on YouTube, Miko: The Animated Series follows six-year-old Liza and her companions Red and Blue — two robot characters based on your friend Miko 3.Here's what you need to know about Miko's new, adventure-packed cartoon for kids.

What's 'Miko: The Animated Series' about?

Miko the Animated Series - Season 1 Episode 1

Six-year-old Liza, Red and Blue can't help but cause crazy sci-fi chaos as they navigate the world ofMiko: The Animated Series. Geared forelementary-aged kids, the series follows the trio as they battle dancing robots, race smart unicycles and have epic, futuristic adventures in the Holodeck. 

The series is produced by Moonbug Entertainment (the creators of CocoMelon, Blippi and other mega-hit kids shows), and it's available now on YouTube!

Where can I watch Episode 1?



Available now on YouTube, Episode 1 is a fun-filled introduction to the antics of Liza, Red and Blue. (In the title sequence, you'll also see a glimpse of Miko's origins. Created in a lab, Miko then goes home with Liza's family.)

In "Mecha-Miko vs. Lizard-Liza," Mom and Dad tell Liza she's not big enough to stay up late. She's sad, but Red and Blue have an idea to cheer her up — and a  jumbo-sized game of giant monster ensues in the Holodeck! Can nothing stop Lizard-Liza?! Red and Blue merge into Mecha-Miko to try and catch her!

Love Episode 1? Then we've got great news for you: Episode 2 is right around the corner!

When will other episodes premiere? 

Miko Robot Animated Series - Moonbug

The first season features 20 short, 2-minute episodes chronicling the adventures of Liza and the Mikos, kicking off with “Mecha-Miko vs. Lizilla.” New episodes will be released bi-weekly through December before picking back up in early 2023.

  • "Trying to Tidy Up" (S1E2) goes live on YouTube on Nov. 29. In the episode, Dad brings home a new Trashbot and instructs it to clean up the house. Red and Blue must stop Trashbot from thinking everything is trash. They have to work together to stop the new robot from tossing all of Liza’s favorite things, including them!

  • Need something to get your family in the holiday mood? Look no further than "Twinkle Terror" (S1E3), which premieres on Dec. 7. In the episode, Liza’s house is covered in Smart Christmas Lights that only know spooky Halloween songs! It’s up to Liza and the Mikos to break out a Christmas song and teach the smart lights to shine in tune.

After that, it's time for Liza, Red and Blue to go on a holiday break. But don't fret; this fun, futuristic trio will be back in January with a whole slate of adventures for your family to enjoy. (Hint: Freckle fiascos, cleanup catastrophes and more!)

Watch Episode 1 now on YouTube, and subscribe now so that you don't miss a moment with Liza, Red and Blue!