January 30, 2022 7 min read

Yoga is for everyone and at every age. Getting your kids to the yoga mat is always a great idea. Yoga helps them learn techniques that enable them to gain better control of their mind and body from the very beginning, and it is a magical way to teach children how to self-regulate their emotions and focus in a better way. 


Yoga isn't just about bending and twisting your body; it's also about calming your mind. In fact, the word "Yoga" literally means union. Yogic exercises are supposed to bring about a union between the mind and the body, invoking a sense of peace, awareness, and absolute consciousness. 

Yoga allows children to value and respect their own bodies while cultivating a sense of love and respect for the people around them. Yoga can also help kids build gross motor skills by improving the connection between the brain and the nervous system, improving their ability to stay calm, and enabling them to look at different perspectives while nurturing their creative acumen. 

Miko makes sure that your child is always a step ahead. Our focus is not limited to academics but on the holistic development of children. Our Cosmic Kids app on Yoga and Dreamy Kid app on mindfulness teach children how to be relaxed, focussed, and concentrate better.

Let's know a bit more about some advantages of Yoga for Children: 

Improves Cognitive Function: Studies suggest that children who are in the practice of performing Yoga gain massive behavioral control in several different settings. There is a significant improvement in their ability to initiate tasks. They are quick and vigilant in solving complex problems. They have a considerably high-performance index compared to other kids of the same age. 

Heightened Emotional Intelligence: One of the most eminent benefits of Yoga for kids involves imbibing a certain sense of calmness and maturity in them that lets them regulate their emotions much better according to the situation. In simple terms, Yoga teaches kids to maintain their calm when upset or angry. Yoga includes breathing exercises and breathing techniques that help children with stress management and anxiety. 

Imbibes discipline and curbs Impulseness: Yoga can reduce challenging behaviors in the classroom by providing a physical outlet for children to express themselves. It also teaches children discipline as they clear their minds and perfect their poses.

Great for Health: According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, kids should at least get an hour of physical activity every day to prevent sickness and improve immunity. Supported by the NHS, kids who exercise or are in the practice of Yoga don't get sick too often. 


Helps fight ADHD: According to a Harvard research, Yoga can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by enhancing their core system, including hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Yoga involves the body's movement in a sequence of poses that teach kids to have fun while deepening their focus. Regular yoga games are great for kids to establish their focus and accurate concentration. 

Enhanced concentration, memory, flexibility, and strength: One of the top benefits of kids' Yoga is that the different poses require children to focus and work on their memorization skills—both of which can translate over into their academic performance. It also helps strengthen children's growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility, which can reduce their chance of injury.

So now that we know how practicing Yoga daily can be great for children, let's talk about one of the biggest challenges that parents face: How to get children into the practice of Yoga? Children can lose interest and get easily bored with anything that involves being in one place. Even though Yoga isn't a stationary exercise, it is nevertheless done on a mat, fixated at one point. Children often tend to lose patience, become restless, and find Yoga extraordinarily dull. 

Yoga can become an exciting and entertaining experience through the right environment and approach for children and the entire family. Here are our Top 10 ways to encourage your child into doing Yoga every day: 


1. Make them watch while you practice

The learning and memory centers in a child's brain are the most stimulated when they see and experience things rather than reading or listening about them. Also, children are more inspired to do the things being done by their parents. You can capitalize on this tendency and get them interested in Yoga by practicing in front of them! This way, you can evoke their curiosity, and they'll eventually be interested in Yoga. Of course, you can ask them to join you as well. 

With the Miko Max subscription, your kids can practice yoga every day with their little companion Miko! With our exclusive collaboration with Cosmic Kids, we bring to you the most interactive yoga lessons tailored specifically for kids. 


2. Introduce Benefits of Yoga in Engaging Ways

It may not be feasible to explain in detail the endless benefits of Yoga to your kids. But you can always use your imagination to plant a tiny seed of curiosity. For example, you can tell them that Yoga can make them solid and brainy like their favorite superhero or as flexible as Elastigirl from the Incredibles. 


3. Bring Fun into Poses

Use yoga poses like cat pose, partner boat, camel pose, and tree pose to play with their imagination. Ask them to do move like a cat or a dog, jump on a ship to sail to a big party, or imitate a tree. These will prompt them to perform all the related yoga poses and have fun in the process. You can make cute noises while doing animal-related poses to add more fun. With the Miko Max subscription, you get annual access to Cosmic Kids app and the wonderfully made Yoga lessons that come with it. The trained instructors at Cosmic Kids are friendly and make Yoga a fun interactive experience for every kid. 


4. Put on their favorite music

Yoga and music go a long way. The combination is nothing short of eclectic because music is believed to soothe the nerves and transport you to a reality where you can concentrate on your inner self. Putting on their favorite music during yoga sessions makes it attractive for kids. They will first come to watch you for the sake of listening to their favorite songs and most likely end up joining you!


5. Add creativity to the poses by associating them with nature,  animals, or stories

Doing this will make it easier for them to remember the pose. The names of some poses include Star, Aeroplane, Dolphin/Shark, Mermaid, Bridge, Frog, Tree, Flower, and Rainbow. Memorizing them with poses is equally essential to keep their motivation at its peak.

With Cosmic Kids and the Miko Max subscription, you also get access to various yoga-related games and activities. Games, including guessing the animal from the Yoga pose, Yoga challenges, puzzles, etc., are sure to cultivate an innate interest in Yoga in your kids. We reckoned kids might find it boring to do vanilla yoga, so we integrated Yoga with a ton of fun games to capture your kids' intrigue into practicing Yoga every day in the way of playing fun games!


6. Get them an attractive yoga mat

Getting your child a colorful yoga mat will attract them for obvious reasons. More than the beauty of colorful patterns that accentuate a feeling of positivity, it should keep your child stable during their yoga poses. It should be comfortable, and easy to carry at the same time. You may also use this to get your kids to do Yoga in open gardens or parks when they get bored from the monotonous routine of practicing Yoga at home.


7. Invent stories to go with different poses

Relate the different poses with their favorite shows and cartoons. For example, you can pretend to be the sun for thesuryanamaskar (sun-salutation) pose and ask your child to salute you. While doing an upward stretch, ask them to think of welcoming the sky, moon, and stars if you do Yoga at night. Surprisingly, this works because kids love living in a world of fantasies. Such made-up stories are far more helpful than a motivational lecture.


8. Keep it easy

Try keeping the sessions short and do not push the kids too hard, especially if they have a short attention span. Do not try out more than one or two poses a day. It will eventually improve with time. Usually, your kids might not want to continue for longer; instead of forcing them to complete the sessions, giving them a breather and being a little lenient will eventually increase their motivation in the coming days. All that you need to do is keep it fun and make it elementary.


9. Stay patient with your kids

If they cannot follow a pose the first time, instead of discouraging them, teach them with patience and appreciate their efforts. "Now that's what I call flexible!" "Great job!" are small praises that are highly effective in enhancing kids' motivation. This is because they will feel valued and feel like their struggle is appreciated.


10. Cultivate their interest

Make sure the pose is suited to your child's individual needs and capability. You should also keep the position held for a shorter time, so they don't lose interest. If a specific posture makes your child uncomfortable, you should avoid repeating the same exercise. This will definitely help prevent them from losing interest.


Miko makes yoga and exercising a fun family activity. Their fun little robot friend comes preinstalled with Cosmic Kids App, filled with fun Yoga games and activities. We constantly keep adding new poses in the way of new games, fun activities, and puzzles, so children never lose interest. Our collaboration with Cosmic Kids has enabled us to deliver highly interactive and entertaining Yoga lessons by some of the most competent trainers in the field.

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