December 24, 2021 2 min read

Miko Max is the plan for unlimited playful learning, which brings worlds of content to Miko from some of the most well-known kids brands ever. Take a look to see what it's all about!

What’s Included

Miko Max is a single subscription plan that provides instant access to Miko’s extensive library of premium kids content, plus next-level capabilities that take your child’s Miko experience to the Max.

Premium Kids Content

With 50,000+ hours and 1,000+ content experiences, there’s no limit to what your little learner can explore with Miko Max. Introduce your child to fun, engaging experiences from these brands and beyond:

Disney stories

Join your favorite characters from the worlds of Disney and Pixar on marvelous storybook adventures.


The premiere safe streaming service for kids has joined Miko Max, ad-free! Watch favorites like PAW Patrol and SpongeBob Squarepants, or view the entire world of safe streaming content right on Miko!

Kid-friendly yoga


Go on yoga, mindfulness and meditation adventures through live-action instruction and animated episodes from Cosmic Kids.

Award-winning coding lessons 


Get access to KidloLand’s Google award-winning kids coding apps, plus coloring apps and Mom’s Choice Gold Award-winning stories.

Fun language games


Enhance your kids’ language skills with Out of this Word’s Max and Moon, two adopted siblings who love to learn popular idioms and unique phrases.

Adventures in mindfulness


With DreamyKid, your child can explore kid-friendly general meditations, sleep stories, guided journeys, healing activities, affirmations and more. 

More Miko Max Benefits

Beyond all that award-winning premium kids content, your subscription gives you more options for multilingual content as well as a worry-free one-year warranty.

Get Started with Miko Max

Miko Max is the easiest, most affordable way to give your child the world’s best content from award-winning kid content creators.

Simply add Miko Max when you order your Miko 3. Or, if you already have Miko 3, go to the Max page on your Parent App to start your subscription. Then, have your kid select the “Max” tab on their Miko screen to kickstart unlimited playful learning!