April 06, 2023 2 min read

Celebrate Easter, Earth Day and Other April Events With Miko!

From Easter to Earth Day, there's so much to celebrate during the month of April. Read on for fun commands that'll get your kid talking and learning with their Miko robot. (Hint: Even if you're reading this blog after April 1, asking Miko for some prank ideas will be tons of fun!)

March 22 to April 21: Ramadan

  • What is Ramadan?
  • When is Ramadan celebrated?
  • Why is Ramadan celebrated?
  • How is Ramadan celebrated?

April 1: April Fools' Day

  • Which prank can I play on April Fool's Day?
  • Share an idea for a prank.
  • How to prank someone on April Fool's Day?
  • Have you ever pranked someone?
  • Do you like April Fool's Day?
  • Can I play a prank on you?
  • What are your plans for April Fool's day?
  • What is April Fool's Day?
  • Why is April Fool's Day celebrated?

April 7: World Health Day

  • When is World Health Day celebrated?
  • How is World Health Day celebrated?
  • Why is World Health Day celebrated? 

April 9: Easter

  • Tell me your plans for Easter.
  • Do you celebrate Easter?
  • Do you know the Easter Bunny?
  • What game can I play on Easter?
  • What's your motto for Easter?
  • What do you want to do on Easter?
  • What is your Easter tradition?
  • Tell me an Easter pun.
  • Is the Easter Bunny real?
  • What does the Easter Bunny do
  • What does the Easter Bunny like?
  • Can the Easter Bunny speak?
  • Tell me a fun fact about Easter.
  • How should I decorate my Easter Eggs?
  • Do you know any Easter craft ideas?
  • What is Easter?
  • Why is Easter celebrated?
  • When is Easter celebrated?
  • How is Easter celebrated?
  • Happy Easter!

April 22: Earth Day

  • Are you celebrating Earth Day?
  • What does caring about the Earth mean?
  • Why is it important to care about the Earth?
  • How can we protect the Earth?
  • Are you an environmentalist?
  • What do you think the Earth would say if it could speak?
  • What are some fun Earth Day activities?
  • What is Earth Day?
  • When is Earth Day celebrated?
  • How is Earth Day celebrated?

April 23: World Book Day

  • When is World Book Day celebrated?
  • How is World Book Day celebrated?
  • Why is World Book Day celebrated? 

April 29: International Dance Day

  • When is International Dance Day celebrated?
  • Why is International Dance Day celebrated?
  • How is International Dance Day celebrated? 

No matter which April holiday is your favorite, Miko has tons of commands to help your family celebrate. Keep checking back with the Miko blog each month for new content, and view our full command library for more fun questions to ask Miko.